A Headlamp Master Class

A Headlamp Master Class

Lumileds, licensed to use the Philips brand for its automotive products, develops lighting solutions to meet the needs of bus and truck fleet owners, transportation departments and workshop professionals in order to reduce downtime. Here’s how.

Heavy trucks can be in a high- vibration environment as the truck travels on and off the road, but they also experience large shocks as loads are dropped into the truck, or as the tailgate slams closed after a load is dumped.

In addition, heavy trucks, buses and vans are invariably on the road for many more miles and much more time than a typical passenger car and many of them leave their lights on whenever the truck is operating.

Maintenance costs also have an impact on lighting for heavy trucks and commercial vehicles of all types. When a light bulb burns out and must be replaced, the cost to the vehicle fleet is much more than just the cost of the bulb. The truck must be taken out of service, losing money that could be made on the road, and a maintenance technician must be paid for the time and equipment needed to replace the bulb.

Lumileds offers, in terms of Philips 24V headlight bulbs, three options: Philips MasterLife, Philips MasterDuty and Philips MasterDuty BlueVision.

The headlamps are specifically designed to withstand the extreme stress and vibrations associated with trucks and heavy machinery. Rough roads and vibration are a frequent cause of headlamp failure. The Philips 24V headlamps provide increased stiffness of mount and base to provide the ultimate protection against mechanical shock and a robust double-coil filament, which is designed to withstand a wide range of vibration frequencies while remaining stable.


Philips MasterLife offers the best lifetime on the market, lasting up to 1,200 hours by using a unique gas composition, together with the geometrical properties of the double-coil filament, designed to reduce tungsten evaporation.


MasterDuty headlamps are designed for maximum vibration resistance and excellent lifetime. This headlamp features increased mount and base stiffness, over and above a standard bulb, for ultimate protection against mechanical shock, as well as a robust double coil filament designed to withstand severe vibration while remaining stable.

Lumileds also offers Philips 24V MasterDuty spare kits to further help keep vehicles rolling while minimizing downtime. Truck, bus and heavy-duty vehicle drivers need to be ready to change lamps, so Lumileds has designed Philips spare kits to meet operators’ lighting solution needs while on the road.

MasterDuty BlueVision

For drivers seeking ultimate style and performance, MasterDuty BlueVision produces a blue Xenon effect. Philips MasterDuty BlueVision combines the durability and vibration resistance of MasterDuty, with an additional blue Xenon effect for maximum style.

Not only stylish, the blue effect in the headlight combined with powerful white light on the road, offers more safety. For the most demanding jobs and the most demanding drivers, this is the lighting solution that delivers performance with true style.

Richard Armstrong, Business Development Manager Automotive – UK & Ireland at Lumileds, said, “Light is fundamental to driving and light is the first and only part of the safety circle that actually helps prevent accidents. Lumileds promotes active safety protection to prevent accidents by increasing overall visibility and road illumination. This allows drivers to be seen sooner and to see further down the road, so they can avoid potential hazards. When combined with passive vehicle safety features, Lumileds active safety lighting solutions help enhance overall driver confidence and promote a safer driving experience.”

For more information about the products available from Philips, click here, or to view the truck product selector tool, click here. 

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