Absolute Alignment highlights Bluetooth capabilities

Absolute Alignment highlights Bluetooth capabilities

Absolute Alignment, suppliers of OEM-approved 3D and Bluetooth wheel alignment equipment, is highlighting how it can provide installations for use on a wide range of vehicles, from a standard recovery truck to a MINI.

In addition, commercial vehicle garages and workshops can offer extensive four wheel alignment services with a Bluetooth Pro Wheel Aligner, currently one of Absolute Alignment’s top selling products, according to the company.

The team at Absolute Alignment has the knowledge of setting up this six sensor, four wheel alignment technology specifically for a wider customer base, so that outlets can better integrate their new investment.

The Bluetooth Pro Wheel Aligner is fully wireless to ensure fast and easy use, and can be used with four and two post lifts and in-ground wheel-free scissor lifts.

The direct contact charging and calibration system means the whole wheel alignment package is 100% cable free for a safer workshop. Each measuring head also has a remote control to allow you to run the full wheel alignment process from any corner of the vehicle.

Chris Dear, Absolute Alignment’s Technical Director, said, “Bodyshops need to be flexible in terms of the vehicles they can work on, to keep up with demand. The Bluetooth Pro Wheel Aligner is truly one of the most versatile pieces of wheel alignment equipment on the market today. It helps workshops grow their business profitably, while benefiting from first class training and support services from Absolute Alignment technicians.

“New for this year, an extension pack is also available which means that car recognition is almost immediate. Just input a vehicle’s registration plate or take a photograph of the model on a tablet, and allow the sophisticated system to do the rest.”

For more information on the Bluetooth Pro Wheel Aligner, go to www.absolutealignment.co.uk

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