Archbold Logistics returns to increased business

Archbold Logistics returns to increased business

Archbold Logistics has seen a return to increased business following the initial months of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company was reportedly called upon to play a vital part in the management and distribution of key supplies to key sectors from the very start of the pandemic.

Archbold Logistics is a distribution specialist, with specific expertise within retail, foodstuffs, automotive and paper markets. This expertise was said to have played a part in the successful delivery of services at the height of the pandemic and full national lockdown earlier this year and will continue to do so during lockdown number two.

The company did furlough some staff at the start of the pandemic but has now reinstated the required staff and the workforce has reportedly shown dedication to getting the task at hand done which is keeping goods moving when it matters most.

Alan Maher, Managing Director of Archbold Logistics, said: “All our drivers, administration staff, operational staff and warehousing colleagues have been working exceptionally hard to ensure that supply lines are functioning, delivering vital supplies when and where most needed during the last few months.

“Our status as a key link in the supply chain has been maintained through the ongoing efforts of all our colleagues and we have now seen an upswing in demand from various clients who operate in sectors that have bounced back quickly from the lockdown measures. This, coupled with the winning of two significant new contracts, sees us as busy as we have ever been.”

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