Autogem: TPMS

Autogem: TPMS

Traditionally focused on the passenger car sector, Autogem has announced that its TPMS expertise will now be applied to HGVs, buses and trailers.

Its TPMS replacement product is said to save time for fleet owners (with in-house fitters) and tyre dealer networks. The benefits of Autogem’s Universal TPMS are:

  • Convenience: If a sensor is broken, then the company claims a replacement can be made in as little as 18 seconds, without the need to go through a dealer.
  • Flexibility: Blank sensors are programmed to be fitted to the majority of manufacturers’ wheels from Mercedes Actros right through to DAF, CF and XF.
  • Non-invasive, real-time tyre pressure checks: Autogem’s handheld device checks commercial tyre pressures at the same time.
  • Battery life info: User-friendly process also includes instant information on TPMS battery life, allowing maintenance to be scheduled accordingly.
  • Fewer breaks: Replaced TPMS sensors are mounted to the centre of the wheel rim, rather than the valve or outside the wheel, resulting in fewer breakages.
  • Coding and pairing: New sensors are created in seconds through Autogem hardware, which copies unique original code into a new sensor, with no diagnostic equipment required.

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