Autolift discusses vehicle lifting equipment

Autolift discusses vehicle lifting equipment

CVW talks to David Smith, managing director of Autolift, to find out how to elevate your garage efficiency and safety with cost-effective commercial vehicle lifting equipment.

According to David Smith, managing director of Autolift, having reliable and safe equipment at an affordable price is paramount. And that, he says, is exactly what the company provides – cost-effective commercial vehicle lifting equipment. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and extensive warranty services, Autolift is a well-known name in the industry with a nationwide customer base of garages and workshops.

One of Autolift’s popular offerings is its 20-tonne pit jack, designed to effortlessly lift heavy commercial vehicles. Its pit jacks come equipped with multiple inbuilt safety features as standard, ensuring a safe and secure working environment for mechanics and peace of mind for garage owners. All Autolift pit jacks come with a triple layer of safety features as standard – safety lowering valves, anti-burst valves and ram lock-off handles.

Autolift discusses vehicle lifting equipment

The company takes safety very seriously and offers customisable safety solutions. Its optional and unique, security struts system, which can be added as an extra feature, provides enhanced safety and security during lifting procedures. These struts act as an additional support mechanism, further safeguarding both mechanics and vehicles from accidental lowering and in the extremely unlikely even of all over safety mechanisms failing simultaneously.

Autolift’s security strut system equates to the ‘screw lock threaded ram’ used by other brands but Smith believes his system has advantages:

  1. quicker to insert and remove pins.
  2. keeping the ram unit sealed ensures no water (causing rust) or debris can enter the sealed unit, and therefore the ram doesn’t need to be re-sealed regularly meaning less downtime and lower maintenance costs.
  3. no threads on the rams so no chance of them becoming blocked with muck and rendering the safety mechanism defunct and thus unused by the user.

According to Smith what sets Autolift apart, however, is not just its commitment to safety but also its dedication to affordability, saying that the company understands the financial constraints faced by garage owners. That’s why Autolift pit jacks are budget friendly when compared to competitors with Smith pointing out that Autolift jacks cost less both in the initial purchase and ongoing maintenance. This cost-effectiveness doesn’t mean compromising on quality which is confirmed by the extensive five-year warranty offered. Autolift jacks maintain their high standards while being accessible to garages of all sizes.

Autolift discusses vehicle lifting equipment

Smith stresses that while the business provides reliable and safe equipment, it also ensures that these cutting-edge solutions are within reach for businesses with varying budgets. For example, Autolift jacks operate solely on compressed air which helps integrate with the current airline systems in operation throughout garages, removing the need for further expenditure on infrastructure. By choosing Autolift, Smith says, garage owners can invest in state-of-the- art equipment without breaking the bank, allowing them to allocate their resources efficiently and focus on delivering exceptional services to their clients.

By way of conclusion Smith reiterates the company’s commitment to innovation, safety, and affordability making it the ideal choice for garage owners and mechanics seeking top-tier commercial vehicle lifting equipment without the hefty price tag. With advanced hydraulic systems, overload protection features, and a lower overall cost, Autolift jacks provide a secure and cost-effective lifting solution for any commercial workshop.

When it comes to elevating your garage’s efficiency, ensuring the safety of your mechanics and clients’ vehicles, and managing your budget wisely, Autolift is the name you can trust, believes Smith. He signs off with a call to action: “Experience the difference with Autolift’s reliable, safe, and affordable pit jacks, and witness your garage operations reach new heights of productivity, precision, and financial efficiency.”

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