Axalta explains pinholes in paintwork

Axalta explains pinholes in paintwork

Pinholes or small surface defects in the clearcoat of finished paintwork are certainly annoying. Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta in the UK and Ireland, explains what can cause these classic mistakes and how to avoid them.

Choose the correct filler shade

Defects and pinholes in the clearcoat can be caused by over-applying the basecoat. Special care is required with red and white solid colours. If refinishers choose the right filler shade, they can reduce the risk of applying too much basecoat and also save material and costs. If they are not sure which filler colour to choose, they should refer to the Standowin iQ colour software where they will find the relevant information in the colour formula.

Cure the Standoblue basecoat correctly

The correct curing of the basecoat is essential for a flawless finish. Refinishers should pay attention to the Standoblue climate guide, where they can find all the information on how to adjust the basecoat to suit the current climatic conditions.

Use the Standoblue Booster for added security

For more security when repairing solid colours, Standox has developed a new additive: the Standoblue Booster MIX 100. Especially in extreme climatic conditions, such as very low humidity or very dry conditions, this additive supports Standoblue basecoat’s optimal properties and prevents surface defects.

Pay attention to the selection of the spray gun and the pressure

When choosing the nozzle size and pressure, follow the recommendations in the Standox technical data sheets. A nozzle that is too large leads to more material application and increases the risk of drips or other defects. The situation is similar with pressure: material that is not atomised finely enough leads to higher layer thicknesses and subsequent problems. Equally, material that is too finely atomised or a very high inlet pressure brings more air onto the surface and can lead to pinholes.

Tips for drying with a blow gun

When drying the basecoat with a blow gun, refinishers should use the right pressure and enough distance. Standox recommends an inlet pressure of a maximum of two bar and a minimumdistance of one meter. Refinishers should not use this drying method when the Standoblue basecoat is hardening.

About Standox

Standox is a global refinish coating brand from Axalta. Manufactured in Wuppertal, Germany, the company ensures its customers are ready for future digitalisation by improving workflow and work processes with digital tools.

Standox has been offering free online traning videos – under the title Standovision – on YouTube and on the Standox website long before the global pandemic. The videos provide solutions for common technical problems and give professional tips for everyday challenges.

For more information on avoiding pinholes in the clearcoat of finished paintwork, or to view other Standovision training videos, click here.

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