Bandvulc introduces Citymaster 5 retread tyre

Bandvulc introduces Citymaster 5 retread tyre

The new Citymaster 5 retread tyre for the bus and coach sector is Bandvulc’s latest tyre introduction.

The company says the next generation Citymaster 5 majors on delivering exceptional reliability, durability and safety for operators of passenger carrying vehicles.

The new rubber features an all-new reinforced sidewall, developed exclusively for the bus and coach market. An extra layer of rubber compound has been added to the outer sidewall for greater protection against kerbing. The tyre also has a dimple indicator, moulded into the sidewall rubber in three places. This allows operators and technicians to easily see when a tyre has been ‘scrubbed’ enough to begin compromising its performance and should be considered for a change.

Bandvulc introduces Citymaster 5

The high polymer rubber compound used in the Citymaster 5 has been designed to resist punctures and withstand the punishment of start-stop use. Both are vital to maintaining passenger safety and reliability of service.

Along with the added resilience afforded by the reinforced sidewall, the new tyre claims to have better handling characteristics through its solid shoulder design, a wide contact area to combat lateral forces and additional deep sipes to provide excellent traction and grip. The proven tread pattern is retained from the tyre’s predecessor, the Citymaster 2, and is offset for noise reduction, with grooves designed to lessen the impact of any punctures.

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