Battery booster packs from GYS

Battery booster packs from GYS

The STARTPACK PRO 12.24 XL is a booster pack specifically designed for heavy duty commercial use. This unit is equipped with a protection system, making it the most advanced booster pack of its type on the market.

Fitted with two 50Ah Exide Spiral AGM internal batteries that can be used in any position, the STARTPACK PRO 12.24 XL will deliver a very high starting current – up to 8,500A peak. It is suitable for use on vehicles with AGM, EFB, gel, and liquid batteries.

Completely automated, it will only supply power when the vehicle ignition is turned on, enabling one-man operation. It is shock resistant and can be used in adverse weather, the heavy duty wheels and handle assist being useful when used in demanding locations.

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