Be seen and be safe

Be seen and be safe

With lighting being an important component within any commercial vehicle – be it either inside the vehicle or on its exterior – it is essential that the lighting products used are up to scratch. In order to stay within the set regulations, fleet managers must be aware of what is safe and what is not.

Is your warning lighting R65 compliant?

ECE R65 (R65) is a United Nations regulation. It sets the standard for beacons, light bars and other vehicle warning lamps. The regulation has been designed to ensure that certain core standards governing light output, light dispersion, colour and flash frequency are being met. The R65 regulation also measures cold start, water ingress and heat resistance.

In Europe, all work vehicles must be fitted with R65 approved products, while in the UK, Chapter Eight of the Traffic Signs Manual states: “Roof-mounted flashing amber warning beacons must comply with the requirements of the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations and should also comply with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Regulation 65 on Special Warning Lamps”. The Manual also states that vehicles need to be equipped with either a roof-mounted, flashing amber warning lightbar, or two independent, roof-mounted flashing amber beacons which are visible through 360°.

‘ECCO Standard’ goes above and beyond

The ‘ECCO Standard’ subjects products to not only the industry standard test specification regime, but extended or further in-house testing to determine if the product is fit for purpose in most, if not all of the applications. Products are, therefore, designed and manufactured to meet harsh environmental conditions wherever they are installed.

Why choose LED technology?

  • LEDs consume less energy and have a longer life.
  • Incandescent bulbs get hot and therefore energy is lost in the form of heat rather than light. LEDs run much cooler and are up to 80% more efficient.
  • LED chips are very small and thin. They don’t need big glass bulbs, so can be mounted in very low profile and narrow containers.
  • Durable – LEDs do not have filaments, so they can withstand heavy vibrations. They also resist shock and external impacts.

Lighting the way

These ECCO products have passed the test of the stringent regulations set by the UNECE and the company itself, but what makes them so special?


Ecco lighting

ECCO’s 12+ series LED lightbars are versatile and powerful warning devices suitable for a wide range of vehicle types and duties. The 12+ series LED lightbars support three kinds of LED modules, including single and dual colour warning, stop-tail-indicator, and alley/work light. A choice of clear and amber lenses increases the customisation options even further.

Ecco lighting

The 13 Series R65 LED Lightbar has been designed with the customer in mind. It is suitable for a variety of vehicles, including large vehicles, recovery trucks, fleets and highway maintenance. Robust and compact popular housing designs are available in four standard length options.

Warning lighting

Ecco lighting

Reflex 5550 Series R65 LED microbars provide a super-compact yet powerful warning solution that offers the flexibility of either permanent or magnetic mounting. Featuring 12-24 VDC operation, the Reflex microbar uses high intensity LEDs to maximise light output.

Ecco lighting

The A520 Series is a high intensity LED Minibar available in 1 Bolt or Magnetic mounting options. With a choice of single or double flash, this minibar is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Ecco lighting

The 400 Series LED beacons utilise the latest LED technology and feature 12 powerful LEDs arranged to produce a 360° flash pattern, with a flash rate of 125FPM for maximum visibility. These are particularly suitable for applications where the UK lighting regulation Chapter Eight is a requirement.

Ecco lighting

The B200 R65 3 bolt fixing beacon features high intensity LEDs, and is a popular choice for fitting in pairs onto leading truck lighting bars.

Directional LEDs

Directional LEDs offer multiple flash patterns, and various mounting options, providing superior warning capability. Many come in single, split and dual-colour options, doubling the warning with half the hassle.


The SecuriLED II encompasses enhanced performance, features and styling. Suited to larger vehicles and situations where a ‘BIG’ warning signal is desired, such as Trucks, Road Sweepers and Agricultural Trailers, the SecuriLED II is fully sealed against moisture and dust ingress.


The ED3701 Series directional LEDs are bright and versatile warning lights that are suited to a wide variety of applications. Their ultra-low profile makes them easy to install virtually anywhere on a vehicle.



The EW2461 worklamp features a high intensity 600 lumen flood beam and three operating modes (100% intensity, 30% intensity & SOS flashing). The lamp’s long-life, lithium rechargeable battery allows the worklamp to be operated for three to four hours before recharging is required.

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