Ben discusses its SilverCloud programmes

Ben discusses its SilverCloud programmes

CVW sits down with Rachel Clift, Health and Wellbeing Director at Ben, to discuss the organisation’s new programmes for its SilverCloud platform and how it is striving to help the younger generation of automotive workers.

Q. What led you to introduce the SilverCloud platform?

Rachel Clift (RC): Since 2019, around 60% of individuals reaching out for Ben’s support do so because they are struggling with their mental health and wellbeing. Whilst we were, and continue to offer talking therapies and counselling, I really wanted individuals to have a range of options as to how they might like to receive support including improved self-help via Ben’s website as well as introducing a suitable, evidence-based digital platform.

Q. How do you see the platform benefitting the young workers?

RC: SilverCloud has a range of programmes which are relevant to this audience, including more generalised support for wellbeing, resilience, as well as programmes to support issues with depression, anxiety, and positive body image.

The young person’s SilverCloud platform is tailored to this audience, using more relatable case studies, featuring a range of interactive tools such as videos, activities, quizzes, and audio guides, as well as a personal online support journal.

SilverCloud is an immediate way to receive support, readily available with a fast-track sign up via our website and the option for the young person to participate in a programme independently or with light touch support from our mental health supporter team.

Q. Is there more we can do to encourage young people to get involved in the automotive industry?

RC: Whilst the industry is going through many changes and challenges, the industry is also embarking on an exciting period of reinvention with vehicle electrification and automation. Automotive apprentices will be critical to supporting this digital revolution and with the industry being so broad, this provides many opportunities for employment and career progression across research & development, engineering, AI, robotics, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and finance.

Q. Do you think enough is being done for the mental health of our industry?

RC: Currently across the industry, it’s fair to say this is patchy, some employers are more advanced, some are really feeling the aftereffects of the pandemic, but either way employee wellbeing is now high on the list of business priorities. The truth is employers need to understand their employees issues to be able to address the health and wellbeing of their workforce most effectively, something Ben is also well placed to support.

Q. What other services can Ben offer?

RC: Ben provides a range of health and wellbeing services and support for anyone who has worked in the industry and their family dependants including self-help tips, advice and tools, a range of mental health and wellbeing services including talking therapies, life coaching and financial support for those who are struggling or enduring unforeseen life events.

Ben operates a helpline with access to skilled advisors who provide urgent need and crisis support as well as at the first point of contact for additional information, advice, and guidance. The most important thing to remember about Ben is that no matter how big or small the issue we are here for our industry family when they are struggling or in crisis, even if it’s just to provide a listening ear.

For more information on the services that Ben can provide, click here.

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