Ben goes out on the road

Ben goes out on the road

Ben will be going out on the road, visiting automotive businesses to kick start a conversation and spread the word about its health and wellbeing services, to mark National Conversation Week in the UK.

Visiting everyone from small workshops and parts manufacturers, to independent garages and dealerships, Ben’s aim is to raise awareness about its life-saving work, and encourage anyone who may be struggling to reach out to Ben for support.

Businesses can sign up to be part of the ‘Ben on the Road’ tour – it’s free of charge and there is no obligation to commit to any of Ben’s services. The tour has been designed simply to raise awareness of Ben’s free and confidential helpline and the health and wellbeing resources, which are available to anyone who may need support.

Ellen Plumer, Head of Outreach, Health and Wellbeing at Ben, said: “The ‘Ben on the Road’ tour gives us the chance to get out into the automotive world and meet people who may not be aware that help is here, ready and waiting for them to use whenever they need it.

“While many organisations and individuals are already benefiting from enlisting the support of Ben, we know that many others don’t know about Ben or understand that they are also eligible to use our services.

“We want to be able to help as many people in our automotive community as possible. If you’re part of the automotive family, we are here for you – we’ve got your back, no matter what. The more people who know this, the more people we can help. We encourage any business interested in finding out more about Ben to get in touch, we can’t wait to meet you and tell you about the many ways we can help you and your team.”

Register for a visit from the Ben team on the 2022 Ben on the Road tour here.

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