Bosch introduces CV battery range

Bosch introduces CV battery range

As batteries have to cope with increasing strains, according to several statistics, they are one of the key reasons for breakdowns. Good to know, you can fully rely on Bosch commercial-vehicle batteries. They are powerful, vibration-resistant and even maintenance-free. This will cut the fleet operating costs.

Reliability: On average, modern trucks cover some 145,000 km every year. Often, the drivers sleep inside the cab up to five nights per week. And yet, the batteries need to provide enough starting power to start the engine the next day.

Performance: Even in case of stationary operation, the batteries power a wealth of safety and convenience features. And yet, they are to cope with frequent charge and discharge cycles.

Economy: Low maintenance efforts help reducing the fleet operating costs.

Vibration resistance: As commercial vehicle batteries are installed close to the rear axle more and more often, they are subject to increased vibrations. High robustness and vibration resistance are thus required.

The new Bosch TA AGM Truck battery is the most powerful truck battery in the Bosch range thanks to the AGM technology and the patented PowerFrame grid. This battery supports start/ stop systems and especially designed for advanced hoteling-functions with parking cooler/heater, providing energy reliably for commercial vehicles with the extensive electrical demand of long-distance traffic, even for many days on the road or at low stage of charge.

The Bosch TE EFB Truck batteries are extremely powerful and vibration-resistant. The battery is designed to cope with the huge energy demands of long-distance traffic, numerous convenience and comfort functions as well as off-highway and heavy-duty applications.

The T5 battery range is particularly powerful and deep cycle-resistant and has the patented PowerFrame flow-optimised grid design providing for high energy demands on long distance trips.

The T4 battery range has the patented PowerFrame® grid for optimised current flow and reduced corrosion, perfect for average energy demands. The T3 batteries from Bosch are reliable and include the patented PowerFrame® (grid) for optimised current flow and reduced corrosion, ideal for vehicles with low energy demands.

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