Bosch outlines Truck Campaign

Bosch outlines Truck Campaign

CVW talks to Clare Cooper, Truck Channel Marketing Manager – Europe North at Bosch, about the company’s Truck Campaign.

Q. What is the focus of the Bosch Truck Campaign?

Clare Cooper (CC): The Bosch Truck Campaign can be summed up by ‘Driven by Dedication’. Bosch is dedicated to keeping vehicles moving, and its full range of parts, from wipers and injectors to bulbs and steering gears, means that it has something which will fit almost every truck on the road.

Bosch also offers workshops a range of diagnostic equipment to help them diagnose and fix faults as efficiently as possible. KTS Truck and ESI[tronic] Truck, both part of the company’s family of diagnostic products, provide workshops with the tools required to diagnose, troubleshoot, read and measure live data, perform service tasks, and save customer protocols, all in one easy-to-use software.

Q. What will be the areas of growth for Bosch in the CV market this year?

CC: Bosch’s main focus this year is its diagnostic equipment. The correct diagnosis of faults saves workshops time and money.

ESI[tronic] Truck software helps workshops find the fault, but also uses guided troubleshooting to help the workshop get the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

ESI[tronic] Truck also now has the capability to diagnose off-highway machinery – agricultural, construction, and engines – therefore, increasing the coverage of the software to meet the varying needs of vehicles and their workshops. Bosch also has new product launches, including an AGM battery for trucks, which highlights the constantly developing solutions on offer from Bosch to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Bosch outlines Truck Campaign

Q. What benefits can Bosch provide for CV workshops in the industry?

CC: Bosch can offer workshops the complete package of parts and diagnostics – its equipment will tell the technician what is wrong with the vehicle, how to fix it, and what part numbers are required to do so.

The level of detail provided is key to the company’s strategy, and Bosch believes this shows how dedicated it is to helping workshops to get vehicles moving again as quickly as possible.

Q. And what of the future for Bosch?

CC: Long term, Bosch is already involved with the Nikola Motor Company and the development of the Nikola Tre truck – the hydrogen-electric truck with industry-ready, heavy-duty truck components and systems for the European market.

The two organisations have reimagined the powertrain – and the vehicle chassis integrated together with it – from the ground up. The fuel-cell system was custom-designed by both Nikola and Bosch, and the companies worked in tandem to develop the first dual-motor commercial vehicle eAxle for a long-haul truck. The eAxle features Bosch rotors and stators, and Bosch has also contributed functional safety systems throughout the truck.

Bosch technology allows the Nikola trucks to use side cameras instead of mirrors (the Mirror Cam System), keyless entry via a smartphone app for fleet applications (Perfectly Keyless), and driver assistance and future automation using the Servotwin electrohydraulic steering system.

For more information on Boch’s Truck Campaign, click here.

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