BPW offers brake performance monitoring

BPW offers brake performance monitoring

BPW has announced it can provide customers with an even clearer view into the performance of their brakes, through its idem telematics Brake Performance Monitoring System.

The system continually monitors the performance of the trailer brakes in real-time and provides a facility to acquire the data in the form of reports.

In giving the trailer a voice, the brake performance monitor enables several critical features, such as earlier identification of brake force loss, as well as highlighting problems with vehicle compatibility.

Sharing the data from the brake performance monitoring system is said to demonstrate compliance with the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme, reducing regular brake roller test requirements to one per year. Automated EBS error alerts also enable proactive repair and maintenance scheduling.

The system uses some of the data from the electronic braking system (EBS), and together with data acquired from other systems, is able to produce performance figures for the semi-trailer brakes.

The BPW idem brake performance monitor can be used as an alternative to roller brake testing. There is an additional feature whereby BPW Limited is able to identify incompatibility and fine-tune the brake calculations to improve the life of the products. The data can be transmitted via a telematics system, processed and made available to others.

Constant monitoring enables the operator to detect system failures before the regular maintenance period, preventing problems from escalating.

The pressure on the service coupling (or the equivalent electrical signal) reveals how much braking the driver/tractor unit is expecting.

How much retardation is being achieved can be calculated from the speed and the distance travelled. This performance data is collected and stored and over time gives a measure of the trailer’s braking performance.

The system is designed to monitor braking events in real time and compare those results to the demand from the driver/tractor. Reportedly, the longer the system is used for the more accurate the data becomes; reports can produce data on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

The fleet manager will be provided with a clear view of the braking performance of each trailer within the fleet to meet safety, compliance, and maintenance scheduling. For the workshop/maintenance manager, they will also receive notifications, via alerts, of any defective brake performance requiring investigation so that repair and maintenance can be actioned immediately.

For more information, visit www.bpw.co.uk.

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