Brake range extension

Brake range extension

Valeo has revealed details about its brake range extension, which includes the SmartPACK, OptiPACK and PremiumPACK. Each pack now features new references and a range of benefits.


Now with a range of 20 references, the Valeo SmartPACK brake pad range is providing a cost-effective solution to brake servicing. With the same friction material used in the OptiPACK range, the compromise is made on the amount of accessories provided in the box. However, no compromise is made on the quality of the pads and friction materials.


Now extended with 14 references, reaching a total of 75 references, the Valeo OptiPACK brake pad range is designed with practicality in mind. From the wear indicators to the pad retainers, Valeo claims OptiPACK guarantees full efficiency while servicing, saving time. In addition, the pad friction material used delivers quality and price balance to optimise the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for commercial vehicle fleets.


In addition to the OptiPACK features, the PremiumPACK contains NRS technology, permitting exceptional life-cycle of the pad and avoiding any risk of delamination. Valeo claims that this range delivers:

  • Comfort – noiseless while in operation
  • Performance – best Valeo braking power
  • Longevity – most durable Valeo braking pads

The premium brake pads range has just been extended, with 12 further references to compose a range of 51 references.

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