Bridgestone launches U-AP 002 bus tyre

Bridgestone launches U-AP 002 bus tyre

The successor to the U-AP 001, Bridgestone has launched the U-AP 002, designed to lower fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in congested urban areas thanks to decreased rolling resistance.

Plus, by increasing tyre life through enhanced durability, the result is a tyre enabling a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). The tyre has a B-grade in rolling resistance and offers 9% longer tyre life. The tyre’s thick sidewall protection and strong casing enable high robustness and multiple tyre lives thanks to retreading. These features combine to result in a long-lasting tyre that reduces TCO per kilometre.

It also comes with a 200kg higher load capacity – a key electric bus requirement – and it is suitable for eight tonne steer axles. As well as CO2 emissions, the Bridgestone U-AP 002 is engineered to decrease urban noise pollution, reducing output by 2dB in PBN from its predecessor. The tyre also provides safety and peace of mind as it’s fully winter ready, with 3PMSF and M+S markings.

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