CameraMatics unveils collision avoidance system

CameraMatics unveils collision avoidance system

CameraMatics is promising to radically improve driver reaction times and blind spot visibility with the launch of what the company believes to be the most advanced AI-powered collision avoidance system on the market.

Fleet operators will be able to empower their drivers with i-DAS (Intelligent Driver Assistance System), which also includes DMS (Driver Monitoring System) to provide drivers with unparalleled awareness of vulnerable road users and distractions.

i-DAS features strategically placed blind spot detection and driver monitoring cameras, combined with in-cab display and speakers, to give drivers real-time warnings of hazards and collision risks. The system’s external AI cameras feature adjustable detection zones of up to 30m, providing perfect coverage of risk zones.

The system uses deep learning algorithms to make sense of the data, continually scanning for pedestrians, hidden road users and cyclists. It’s also capable of filtering out road furniture, ensuring that drivers are only alerted to genuine risks.

CameraMatics unveils collision avoidance system

In low-speed, high-risk manoeuvres, where visibility is often at its worst and pedestrians and other road users more likely to be hidden in blind spots, i-DAS acts as the perfect Moving Off Information System (MOIS). At the same time, internal cameras monitor the driver’s head position and eyes to look for signs of fatigue or distraction, providing audible and visual feedback when risks are detected.

Video snapshots of any road incidents are automatically recorded and uploaded to the CameraMatics cloud, which enables rapid incident response and helps fleets to integrate evidence-based driver coaching programs.

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