CAN scope kit

CAN scope kit

Warwick Control’s CAN Scope Kit enables the analysis of a CAN bus on the three main layers of the CAN model- physical layer, data link layer and the application layer (CANopen, J1939, NMEA2000 and Proprietary).

It has all the features of the Commercial Vehicle Kit with the inclusion of PicoScope for physical layer analysis.

This kit consists of:

  • X-Analyser 3 Professional Software for CAN/J1939/NMEA2000/CANopen
  • Kvaser Leaf Light single CAN to USB interface for X-Analyser
  • PicoScope 2206B USB oscilloscope and scope probes. Comes with PicoScope 6 Oscilloscope software
  • BNC to D9 cable for connecting the PicoScope to the CAN bus
  • Warwick Control carry bag
  • USB stick with relevant software loaded

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