Carbon cleaning machines

Carbon cleaning machines

Bowmonk-Tapley introduces the ECS range of engine carbon cleaning machines. These machines are portable, compact and user-friendly, requiring very few operational skills to set up and use.

The 60-minute cleaning treatment will break down and disperse carbon deposits within the engine’s working components, restoring the performance and economy levels close to the manufacturer’s original specification. Available in three variants, the range is versatile and applicable to the following classes of vehicle:

  • 12V Automotive – for power units of 49cc to 8L, petrol or diesel, of 2 or 4- stroke format.
  • 4V HGV – for all commercial vehicle power units of 10-16L.
  • 24V Plant – for all non-road mobile machinery power units of 14-30L.

In addition to significant reductions in the emission levels, immediate differences are said to be seen in engine running temperature and initial throttle response. Ongoing regular treatment at every major service will ensure the engine runs efficiently and smoothly, reducing the likelihood of expensive component replacement. Completely portable, the machines are powered by the subject vehicle’s battery connections, making them an ideal solution for the mobile technician.

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