Clarke showcases range of heaters

Clarke showcases range of heaters

Whether it is an office or a workshop, every workspace needs a boost to their heating in winter and Clarke has a range of heaters to cover every need, from halogen heaters for focussed heat or gas heaters for the office.

Barrow-mounted diesel/paraffin fired space heaters such as the XR range can pump out up to up to 61kW, some with fuel tanks as big as 53 litres for up to 13 hours of run time. There are no safety worries about leaving these heaters to warm up as the 230V power supply is fitted inside a stainless steel combustion chamber with automatic flame failure cut out and a variable heat control thermostat to keep rooms at the perfect temperature.

Clarke’s range of gas fan heaters are all built within a corrosion resistant stainless steel casing and fitted with fuel safety cut out and a sturdy handle on top. The heat output ranges from 10.3kW for the Little Devil II up to 117.2kW. Features available include variable heat output control and dual voltage (110V/230V).

Ideal for heating small to medium sized premises, Clarke’s range of electric fan heaters consists of stainless steel heating elements housed inside a tough steel cabinet that is enamelled. Features include an adjustable heat output with thermostatic control and insulated handles for safe handling. Models in this range are available with outputs of 110V, 230V or 400V, while the high end models deliver a heat output of up to 30kW.

For instant warmth the mobile gas heater is hard to beat. Clarke’s MGH1 offers 3 heat output settings; 1.55kW, 2.9kW and 4.2kW. The unit is equipped with a flame failure device and it comes with a hose and regulator and an AAA battery to operate the ignition.

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