Coaching Reliability
Coaching Reliability

Coaching Reliability

Eclipse explains how it can help vehicle operators and workshops speed up processes and improve revenue using faster and more detailed diagnostics.

Jaltest Key Functions: ■ DPF regeneration/replacement; ■ Injector coding; ■ CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Diagnosis; ■ Speed limiting; ■ Gearbox calibration; ■ AdBlue system checking; ■ BUS ECAS calibration; ■ Service maintenance reset; ■ Air drier reset.

The Jaltest software from Eclipse covers a wide range of manufacturers such as Mercedes, Volvo, Irisbus, Neoplan, Optare, Setra, Van Hool, which the company claims gives it an extensive coverage in the field of buses, both city and long distance. It also supports a wide range of vehicle systems such as gearboxes, engines, suspension and brakes.

In addition to this, Jaltest incorporates the brand customisation function that allows the user to create custom vehicle specifications for their exact fleet, thus reducing the need to search for control units to gain identification and to save time diagnosing. The system analysis will, for example, also enable the user to validate individual components, thus avoiding unnecessary and costly replacements that would normally be part of a traditional process of eliminating potential fault causes.


The Jaltest software will provide a number of core functions that are said to help the technician to focus on specific areas as necessary.

Diagnosis – Error code reading and clearing as well as extinguishing warning lamps; System Data – Provides all ECU data, software version and hardware variants; Parameters – capability to modify configuration such as speed limiting and injector coding;

Measurements – Displays live ECU data in a range of formats as well as system display options;
Actuate Components – Interaction and commanding components direct from the control unit;

System Checks – ECU specific function checks, compression, cylinder cut out and injection tests;
Maintenance – Example of EDC is DPF regeneration, injector reset, AdBlue system reset;

Calibration – Component replacement resets and calibration procedures.

Technical Content

Incorporated within the Bus & Coach software is a technical content package which provides the user with all the necessary information required to diagnose and repair faults. In addition, Jaltest also provides additional information such as service data, tightening torques, repair times and troubleshooting guides.

Customer Support

Eclipse says it has developed its business around the core philosophy of customer support, both when the system is first purchased and throughout its life. A range of features are available including a comprehensive training package, cover from the Technical Support Service and the updates of the Jaltest software to reflect new models and more information as it becomes available.

The Technical Support Service is a telephone-based service, manned by trained and experienced professionals and available to all users to answer questions and solve vehicle problems.

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