Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings

To support workshops in generating new revenue when fixing refrigerated trailer units, Gates has introduced its latest heavy-duty CoolRunner belts. The release will help keep rising costs on ice in the temperature controlled vehicle maintenance market, according to the company.

Gates has developed the CoolRunner brand of drive belts for vehicle and trailer-mounted refrigeration
units. The company says the new range is another example of where it provides Original Equipment (OE) quality products in the EMEA automotive aftermarket.

For over 25 years, Gates has been manufacturing drive belts for refrigeration units supplied as OE to the transport industry’s temperature controlled logistics specialists. The CoolRunner belts combine this experience with an established reputation for belt quality – acquired through the development of accessory drive belt systems for the heavy-duty vehicle market. Gates is an established OE supplier of accessory belt drive systems to some of the world’s leading truck marques.

The CoolRunner belts are said to provide real alternatives for the temperature controlled maintenance market, offering parts distributors and their workshop customers the chance to generate new revenue streams. Fleet engineers will also have opportunities to make significant reductions in workshop maintenance costs.

“The refrigeration unit maintenance market is dominated by the OE networks,” says Enzo Strappazzon, President, European Region. “In some countries, these are independent agents who offer a 24-hour callout service. A common characteristic is that they are expensive. That’s because the desire to get vehicles back on the move – before cargo perishes or delivery deadlines are missed – drives up labour costs.”

“There is potential to generate real savings at operator level – installation is easy and confidence in the Gates brand is high. Coupled with attractive prices, workshops will be encouraged to take on belt replacement work in these units instead of subcontracting it to more expensive agents. That’s good news for operators, workshops and parts distributors.”

Gates asserts that its CoolRunner belts match the most popular applications employed by temperature controlled fleet operators on European roads. The initial range comprises 34 part numbers, with options set to increase with demand. In addition, part identification is fast and precise – CoolRunner belts are crossreferenced with OE part numbers through the company’s online cataloguing system (

Fitting is said to be easy for technicians, and confidence is increased because there are no differences between the performances of CoolRunner belts for aftermarket applications and Gates’ belts manufactured for OE installation. They are all designed to meet the same technical and quality standards.

The new range of CoolRunner belts are said to deliver the following benefits:
■ Exact OE fit
■ Competitive price
■ Easy installation
■ Long belt life
■ Rapid OE cross-referencing (
■ Cost savings for operators
■ Profit opportunities for workshops

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