CPD-Certified Mobile Vehicle Lift Competency Training

CPD-Certified Mobile Vehicle Lift Competency Training

CPD-approved training for the operation of mobile column lifts.

As a busy workshop manager, you’ll know that workshops can be dangerous places if equipment is not operated safely in accordance with manufacturer instructions.

While TotalKare builds a number of failsafe measures into its vehicle lifts and ancillary products as standard, it is vital lift operators are properly trained to mitigate the risk of personal injury to themselves or others working nearby.

So, Totalkare has developed the gold standard in mobile vehicle lift training, featuring video tutorials, walk-through instructional guides and multiple-choice test questions across several different learning modules.

The training covers the following key topics:

  • Legislation
  • Pre-use safety checks
  • Positioning lifts
  • Layout identification
  • Lift controls
  • Lighting
  • Floor stability
  • Floor obstructions
  • Floor gradient
  • Vehicle weight
  • Number of axles being lifted
  • Height clearance
  • Isolating power
  • Ancillary equipment

To download a copy of the training brochure by submitting your details, click here, or call the TotalKare sales team today on 0121 585 2724.



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