Cromax launches 1K aerosol primer-surfacer

Cromax launches 1K aerosol primer-surfacer

Cromax has launched a new 1K aerosol primer-surfacer, PS1504A Quickfill Primer-Surfacer, in grey (VS4).

Reduced process steps, simple universal application and quick drying performance help to maximise bodyshop productivity.

Part of Cromax’s ValueShade range which aims to deliver the optimal undercoat for every topcoat colour – for faster coverage and reduced basecoat consumption – PS1504A Quickfill Primer-Surfacer is claimed to ensure excellent sprayability and flow thanks to proprietary SprayMax technology.

It can be applied directly to all metal and common plastic substrates and can be re-coated after sanding with both waterborne basecoats as well as solvent-borne basecoats and topcoats.

Want to know more about the aerosol primer-surfacer? Click here.

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