Diagnostic device software

Diagnostic device software

Wabcowürth has integrated two new primary functions and numerous other functions into its new update – 1.28.0.

The W.EASY is one of the first multi-brand diagnostic devices that features the air suspension for DAF ECAS 5, which allows for independent control and calibration of the air suspension for full air suspension and part air suspension vehicles. This means that an OE tool is no longer necessary, making the time consuming change of devices redundant. Therefore, longer standstill periods can be reduced.

Another highlight of the W.EASY 1.28.0 update is the new 12 Pin Deutz cable. With this adapter cable, a complete diagnosis can be carried out on vehicles with a Deutz engine. The cable also applies to a large majority of special vehicles and Airport Ground Support vehicles with built-in Deutz engines.

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