Do you have the correct pit lights fitted?

Do you have the correct pit lights fitted?

Premier Pits explains why it is important that the correct lights are fitted to vehicle pits.

Premier Pits has been at the forefront of maintenance and inspection pit design for over 35 years, where each individual component has been carefully considered in order to comply with the latest Health and Safety regulations.

The safety of employees is of upmost importance, especially in a working area which can be a potentially explosive atmosphere.

There have been many occasions where the wrong lights have been fitted in pits, both old and new, raising concerns that the correct standards are not being met in pits.

“We often see that pits have been fitted with the incorrect lights,” explains Premier Pits’ Steve Hunt. “The Health & Safety Executive are very clear on the type of lights used in pits, which need to be not only dust and water resistant, but also flameproof to prevent ignition”.

Section 228 of The Health & Safety Executive; Health and safety in motor vehicle repair and associated industries (HSG261) states to: ‘use fixed lighting in the pit that is suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres and conforms to a suitable standard’.

“Many pit suppliers will often fit standard IP65 lights, which are dust tight and protected against water jet spray,” continued Steve. “The lights fitted by Premier Pits are Twin Tube Zone 1 – Category 2, or Zone 2 – Category 3 lights which are dust-tight, water resistant and flameproof. Every aspect of Health & Safety has been taken into consideration when designing the interior of our pits, and our customers can rest assured that the welfare of their employees has been top of the list.”

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