Doctor Air Brake explains its diagnostics offering

Doctor Air Brake explains its diagnostics offering

Doctor Air Brake guides CVW through its diagnostics offering and how it can help workshops to save time when undertaking tasks.

Sonic Stop

The Sonic Stop system is an auto-brake reversing aid that automatically applies the brakes when an object or person is detected within its range. It talks to the EBS via CAN or pneumatically.

Our system works by using ultra-sonic sensors to measure a distance of up to three metres and the full width behind the vehicle, which is sub-divided into zones. The stalks flash red to warn the driver of a distance down to a one-metre zone when the brakes are gently but firmly applied for three seconds.

The brakes then automatically release, allowing reversing to continue until 20cm from the loading dock, when they re-apply for two seconds. The lights will then flash green to alert the driver they are as close as they can get.

Key points include:

  • Saves money on property repairs
  • Reduces risk of worker-related incidents
  • Reduces risk to pedestrians in public areas
  • Saves money on vehicle repairs


The Test-A-Tow is a power box for lighting, ABS, and fridge circuits on trailers without the towing vehicle. There is an ‘agri’ version for agricultural trailers fitted with full air ABS test. It comes in a small, portable carry case with charges and a tow-bar test lead.

When plugging into the trailer, it acts as the towing vehicle. It can then test all circuits at the click of a button or by using the radio key-fob remote. Another feature is that it tests the current load to the fridge. It can also be plugged into the tow-bar to test the tow-bar output and make sure there are no faults with a towing vehicle.

Key points include:

  • Compact with powerful internal batteries
  • Reduces time taken to repair trailer
  • Makes a two-person job into a one-


The ISO-Check visually alerts you if there is a problem with the tractor-trailer dedicated connection. ISO-Check glows green if trailer EBS is all good, but will turn red if there is a problem. Plus, the premium model flashes a code to say what has failed.

How it works:

  • Firstly, it measures voltage on all power – CAN – earth pins
  • If all are okay, it glows green
  • If there is a fault, it glows red
  • In addition, the premium version shows which circuit is faulty with a red light flash. For example, two flashes means pin two is faulty.
  • It ensures compliance for trailer EBS
  • Provides a quick and easy “Go/No Go” as trucks pull out of the yard
  • Reduces risk of points under OCRS with DVSA
  • Reduces risk of accident or roll over with the trailer
  • Reduces time and cost of vehicle maintenance

Doctor Air Brake

Van Trailer Check (VTC)

Powered from batteries or mains PSU, you simply plug all air and electrical lines into the trailer. Then you can test lighting, ABS-EBS and air brake circuits in one go. Furthermore, you can safely operate the brakes by remote when close to or under the axles checking for bad slack adjusters and excessive wear etc.

You can even test the air pressures at the chamber using the remote control. This is the stalwart for lots of nationwide companies, including TIP Trailer Services, Ryder Mobile Maintenance Services, and RMB Commercials.

Key points include:

  • It reduces time taken to service, inspect, or find faults on trailers
  • It’s safer as you are in control, and there is no smoky, noisy tractor involved
  • Makes brake testing a one-man job
  • Enables you to fix multiple trailers, which in turn earns more money

To see more information on the available range from Doctor Air Brake, click here.

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