Doctor Air Brake outlines latest diagnostic tool

Doctor Air Brake outlines latest diagnostic tool

Doctor Air Brake highlights how it simplifies compliance for fleet trailers with its updated diagnostic tool: the ISO-T.

Ensuring EBS trailers remain compliant is of utmost importance, and Doctor Air Brake’s updated ISO-T aims to offer a simple solution to any potential problems. The ISO-T is permanently fitted to the trailer and informs you if your ABS/EBS and CAN line communications are fully functional at a glance. Its easy-to-read display helps to eliminate the risk of misreading any diagnosis.

The ISO-T initiates automatically when the connected trailer is powered by the truck ignition. It will display a green light if all is OK, and a red light if there’s a fault with the braking system, including CAN communication lines. It achieves this by measuring the voltages on all the power lines, and waits for the trailer ECU ‘hand shake’ with the tractor unit to confirm the CAN lines are fully operational. It also tests both earth pins and, if there is an issue, the red light will illuminate.

The ISO-T is able to show specifically where the fault has originated in the system. Firstly, it displays a red light for four seconds to indicate a fault is present, and then signals a code to inform where the problem lies. For example, if the red light flashes two times, this indicates an issue with the ignition power supply to the trailer. Alternatively, if the red light flashes six times, there is a fault on CAN Lo.

Doctor Air Brake outlines latest diagnostic tool

The light intensity can also be adjusted so that the light emitting from between the truck and the trailer, whether it’s red or green, is easily visible.

Other advantages of the ISO-T include:

  • A simple ‘Go/No Go’ feature as your truck starts
  • Reduces the risk of points under OCRS with DVSA
  • Reduces the risk of accident or roll over with the trailer (EBS roll stability does not function if there is a fault in the system)
  • Reduces the cost and time associated with vehicle maintenance
  • Affordable kit means its available for all levels of truck and trailer maintenance
  • Multi-voltage with auto-detect for 12V or 24V
  • Kit comes with a screwed terminal socket and pre-drilled bracket
  • It checks all lines, including CAN

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