Draper Tools outlines range for CV workshops

Draper Tools outlines range for CV workshops

To help you with your tool collection, here is Draper Tools’ guide to problem-solving tools and equipment for the commercial vehicle workshop.

As a technician, it’s likely you’ll have a favourite tool that’s come to the rescue in tricky situations, or it comes in handy time and again. Whether it’s a trusted socket set or a powerful impact gun that’s loosened up some tough nuts – we’ve all got our top tools. Over time, you begin to build up a kit full of tools and equipment that make life easier on the job. But what are the correct tools for specific problems?

Draper Tools problem

Problem: You need extra torque.

Solution: A high quality socket set is always a worthwhile investment and will come in handy throughout your career – but, with so many to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Look for a set with a lifetime warranty that will withstand the commercial vehicle servicing environment.

The Draper Expert range of .” and 1” drive socketry is ideal for the servicing of HGVs and PSVs. Also, a great choice is the Draper Expert 17 Piece 3/4″ Sq. Dr. Metric Socket Set, which comes with an extending ratchet enabling technicians to get extra torque on tight threads. The Draper Expert Hi-Torq sockets included in this set are known for their strong grip and won’t slip while you’re working.

Draper Tools problem

Problem: Tough wheel nuts.

Solution: Large commercial vehicles can have some tough wheel nuts that, in some cases, won’t have been removed in many years. You need something reliable to shift them, so it is worth choosing your power tools carefully. The Draper XP20 20V Brushless 3/4″ Impact Wrench offers 1060Nm of powerful torque – one independent reviewer even found that it shifted some seriously stiff tractor wheel nuts that hadn’t been off in 20 years.

It’s a great choice for the commercial vehicle workshop, with 4 electronic torque settings, a smart reverse feature (which stops impact and slows rotation when the bolt or nut is loosened), a super bright LED worklight, and variable speed control with electronic brake. As part of the XP20 range, it features a multi-tool battery system, where one battery powers every tool in the XP20 range.

Problem: Efficient greasing.

Solution: Applying lubricants and greases to various mechanical or moving parts is an essential and everyday job and, when you’re doing it day in, day out, you need this to be as efficient and effective as possible. The Draper Expert High Volume Hand Grease Pump is ideal for the commercial vehicle technician, with a high grease output, four times more efficient per stroke (4g) at 27MPa (4000psi).

Grease guns are also a great tool – be sure to choose one with a high pressure output to help make quick work of the job. The Draper Expert 18V Cordless Grease Gun is designed to work with a standard 400g grease cartridge and comes with a 1.3 Ah 18V Ni- MH battery pack and quick charge one-hour charger, saving time on the job. The 750mm reinforced delivery tube and high-pressure grease nipple provide an impressive 8,000 PSI output, which delivers a constant 70g per minute flow rate, making it an ideal choice for the busy commercial vehicle workshop.

Draper Tools problem

Problem: Safely lifting heavy vehicles with the minimum possible effort.

Solution: When it comes to commercial vehicles and regular heavy lifting, you need some extra power. A pneumatic jack is a great investment that will make quick, easy work of lifting HGVs. Look for a good build quality and be sure to consider safety, so look out for features such as a safety overload valve. The Draper Expert range offers several pneumatic jacks ideal for commercial vehicles. Each jack in the series comes with extensions to increase the lift height and reduce the gap between the jacking point and the saddle.

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