Driving Smart
Driving Smart

Driving Smart

If last year’s winter is anything to go by, fleets will need to ensure their vehicles are fitted with the appropriate tyres for the conditions in the coming months. Hankook Tyre UK Limited believes its SmartControl AW02 range for trucks will provide the answer.

As the latest introduction to the Hankook range, the SmartControl AW02 is the company’s winter specialist tyre for trucks which can be used on the steering axle, as well as on all other positions. Its M+S and “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” (3PMSF) markings verify that these tyres also provide the necessary safety for winter road conditions. Its low fuel consumption, high mileage and traction make the tyres especially attractive.

The tyre tread of the SmartControl AW02 is designed with safety in mind. Hankook’s winter specialist tyre for trucks has an extra wide tread, which increases the contact area between the tyre and the road, thereby improving handling for drivers. The tread design, which features five main drainage grooves, provides extra aquaplaning safety.

3D-kerfs in the treads perform two important tasks – firstly, they provide more even tyre wear of the tread surface, thereby guaranteeing higher mileage. Secondly, together with the half-open shoulder design of the SmartControl AW02, they create improved tyre traction on ice and snow-covered roads. The individual blocks are also connected with webs, which have a stabilising effect for better handling characteristics and continuous high-performance.

“Particularly as the winter gets underway, drivers and fleets must be equipped to face the toughest of wintry conditions in order to avoid expensive downtimes and arrive safely at their destination. Hankook is extremely well prepared and its complete winter solution in SmartControl offers snow traction and safety, while maintaining a high mileage and top braking performance,” says David Thorp, TBR Sales Manager for the UK market.

Innovative technology makes the SmartControl particularly efficient. Hankook’s winter specialist tyre for trucks utilises a tyre mixture that has been developed for harsh winter conditions. The tyre is therefore resistant to the cold and demonstrates full performance even at very low temperatures. At the same time, the new mixture of the SmartControl AW02 achieves high mileage with a reduction of fuel consumption. Hankook’s Stiffness Control Contour Technology (SCCT) is also used in these winter tyres. This technology evenly distributes the pressure in the tyres so that the carcass tread remains stable, not only increasing the longevity of the tyres, but also improving their retreadability.

Technical features

Extra wide tread and five grooves with a zig-zag pattern
■ Larger contact area
■ Improved handling and traction
■ Optimum water drainage

M+S marking and Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF)-symbol
■ High winter performance

3D-kerfs, webs between the blocks and half-open shoulder design
■ Even tread wear
■ High mileage
■ Better traction and handling properties

Newly developed winter tyre mixture and Stiffness Control Contour Technology (SCCT)
■ Cold-resistant
■ High mileage and low fuel consumption
■ Stable carcass tread improves longevity and simplifies retreadability


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