Durofix reveals The Warthog nut removing tool

Durofix reveals The Warthog nut removing tool

The Warthog has broken cover! CVW tracks down this powerful specimen to find out what all the fuss is about.

The Warthog from Durofix is an unusual beast. Like its sub-Saharan counterpart, it’s a tough and sturdy animal and because it’s cordless you can use it anywhere.

In fact, the company bills it as the world’s most powerful cordless 1” jumbo impact wrench that removes HGV wheels for fun. The Warthog, or to give it its proper reference the RI60176, which doesn’t sound quite so menacing, is a nut buster par excellence. Capable of delivering over 3,000Nm of max tightening torque and over 4,000Nm of max reverse torque, it can crack the toughest of hard-to-remove nuts.

Durofix reveals its nut removing tool The Warthog

It’s powered by Durofix’s exclusive 60V battery platform, that is reckoned to be 35% more efficient than equivalent 20V batteries, so that’s a bigger operating window and more wheels per charge. The Warthog also comes with two battery bays with the batteries working in series so doubling runtime. It will run on a single battery on either side so if one pack is getting in the way, simply remove it. It comes complete with a charger, so with a bit of judicious replenishing, you could have it operating for hours.

And it’s a clever beast to boot. Its 5-stage electronic torque control (ETC) and auto shut-off at pre-programmed torque levels means you can’t overtighten nuts or leave them too loose. It sports a 1” drive with either the choice of a 2” or 6” anvil so plenty of flexibility there.

Despite its muscular performance the Warthog weighs a very portable 11kg without battery or 12kg with. Its low HAV rating, thanks to its rubberised handle and internal vibration dampening system, also means you won’t lose your fillings operating it.

So here we have a serious alternative to compressor-based equipment, that gives you the freedom to roam and change wheels in any location, safe in the knowledge that you’ll get the job done quickly, safely and accurately.

Durofix reveals its nut removing tool The Warthog

Not in the market for a tool that size but maybe need something for car-derived vans? Then have a look at the RI60166A1 – sadly no beastly aka for this one – a compact electronic clutch wrench which is both light and powerful. Featuring a ó” drive and capable of 800Nm torque, it has a 3-stage ETC pre-programmed to 100/300/500Nm cut-offs. Its 60V Li-ion battery delivers both power and long running time through its all-in-one brushless motor. It comes with a single battery and a charger.

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