DVSA issues update for vehicle operators

DVSA issues update for vehicle operators

The DVSA has outlined what the changes to COVID-19 restrictions will mean for vehicle testing and enforcement services in England.

Following changes to the COVID-19 restrictions also announced by the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales, the association has announced that the safety measures currently in place for vehicle testing and enforcement services in Scotland and Wales remain.

The DVSA will continue to work with those administrations and provide an update if there are any changes to its services.

What this means for vehicle operators

The DVSA’s standard operating procedures have allowed its core services to operate safely during the pandemic. The following will apply to testing and enforcement services across England.

Face coverings

This current guidance remains in place and unchanged. It will mean that drivers will be asked to exit cabs for in cab inspections. DVSA colleagues may wear face coverings.

When working in enclosed, shared spaces guidance remains for DVSA colleagues to wear face coverings. When customers enter enclosed spaces, such as for an interview, the DVSA continues to expect them to wear a face covering. DVSA colleagues are expected to follow the rules of any site they are working in.

Social distancing

Guidance is for DVSA colleagues to use common sense and take care not to allow situations that could result in crowding.

Other measures

The DVSA will continue to take sensible precautions and maintain existing best practice on:

  • Vehicle ventilation
  • Handwashing/sanitising (particularly where handling documents)
  • Customers presenting vehicles which are clean

The DVSA has also reminded all vehicle operators and presenters about the continued need to make sure vehicles are clean when they are presented for annual test. Wiping down the interior of the vehicle beforehand is really important to help stop the spread of the virus.

Further updates

The DVSA will provide further updates if there are any additional changes that affect its services.

Further guidance for business is available at GOV.UK.

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