ECCO introduces new LED work lamps

ECCO introduces new LED work lamps

Having already offered a comprehensive range of long-life LED work lamps for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications, ECCO has introduced the new EW2440 Series and EW2110 Series.

The EW2440 Series work lamp offers the choice of spot or flood optics and provides 800 lumens of light output, offering the brightest white light with an extremely low current draw of just 0.76A.

The EW2110 Series is available in a variety of shapes with a wide voltage range of 12- 80V, making it suitable for all your vehicle work lamp lighting needs. These compact work lamps offer flood beams of up to 1,000 lumens, giving effective and safe coverage in the vehicle work area. These compact work lamps are encased in an aluminium heatsink housing with a polycarbonate lens and offer over 80,000 hours of maintenance free lifetime.

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