Eclipse rectifies anti-collision system fault

Eclipse rectifies anti-collision system fault

Brett Edkins, Technical Manager at Eclipse Automotive, explains how to identify and rectify a fault on a MAN TGX anti-collision system.

Identifying faults on many modern commercial vehicles is increasingly difficult given the rising levels of technology employed by manufacturers. This analysis of the anti-collision system on a MAN TGX Euro VI model shows how the Eclipse Jaltest package is becoming the go-to diagnostic solution for the commercial industry.

The problem

A Man TGX Euro VI has come into the workshop with a forward-looking radar fault being displayed on the dash.

As this is a key safety system on the vehicle, it has been immediately taken off the road when the defect was discovered.

Initial assessment

The technician makes an initial diagnosis of the ROM2 forward-looking radar system to check if any fault codes have been logged in the ECU that are causing the warning light to be on the dash. One active fault is listed showing the ECU has detected a fault with the front radar sensor control unit (code 4013). With this type of fault, before replacing any components, we will need to check all the wiring to this component using all the technical data available on Jaltest.

Correcting the fault

Using Jaltest, we can identify the necessary power feeds, earths, and the CAN communication lines to the control unit using the in-depth wiring diagrams and technical data available within the Jaltest software.

The technician has confirmed all the wiring is okay, and they are getting all the correct measurements; therefore, it is determined the front radar sensor is at fault and requires replacing.

After replacement, the front radar sensor will need to be programmed to the vehicle using Jaltest. However, it will also require the use of Jaltest ADAS calibration equipment which will enable the component to be easily fitted and calibrated. This rectifies the fault and allows the vehicle to quickly return to the road.

Eclipse anti-collision

Eclipse Jaltest ADAS

Eclipse Jaltest ADAS package is a multibrand diagnostic and calibration solution for all commercial vehicles. Using the Jaltest multi-brand software and the ADAS calibration equipment, a technician can carry out all calibrations of the anti-collision systems. These include lane departure, emergency braking adaptive cruise control, and front radar sensors either due to a faulty component or a windscreen replacement.

Eclipse Jaltest ADAS can carry out all static and dynamic calibrations for all makes of commercial vehicles. With Eclipse being able to not only offer the ability to diagnose the fault but to also allow the new component to be calibrated using the multibrand ADAS solution, it means the vehicle does not have any unnecessary down time due to waiting for a third party to carry out the required calibration necessary to make this vehicle roadworthy.

Looking after its customers

Eclipse is committed to supporting its customers throughout the life of the product and has developed a range of features and services, including:

  • A comprehensive training package
  • Cover from IT and vehicle support professionals
  • Industry-leading Technical Support Service offering both telephone-based and remote vehicle assistance support

The Technical Support Service is a key part of the overall Eclipse package and, together with Jaltest and the Eclipse Testpad Extreme PRO, sets it apart from others, helping to ensure that the company remains the leading supplier of true multi-brand diagnostic software for all commercial vehicles.

The Jaltest software, which is updated three times a year, is continually being improved to both expand the number of brands/models covered, as well as extending the functionality that is available, covering more brands in more sectors than other products.

For more information on the Jaltest software from Eclipse, click here.

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