Edbro replaces CT valve with UT range

Edbro replaces CT valve with UT range

Replacing its range of CT valves, Edbro has introduced the UT valve. Completely interchangeable with the older part, it ensures that vehicle operators can continue to maintain their existing hydraulic kits without any issue.

Like its predecessor, the UT valve increases safety during lowering and offers lightweight performance.

The product introduces an optimised internal oil flow which reduces flow restrictions. As a result, the maximum lowering speed of the valve has been increased, reducing the time taken per tipping cycle. This will be of particular use to those in quarrying and other operations where multiple tippings are made each day – the time savings on each cycle add up so that trucks can complete more runs per shift.

Edbro, which has been a member of the JOST World since 2012, strives to increase payloads, reduce tipping times, and provide ‘fit and forget’ solutions that require little to no servicing over their entire working life.

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