Ewals Cargo Care considers electrified vehicles

Ewals Cargo Care considers electrified vehicles

Ewals Cargo Care has taken another step in developing its alternative fuels strategy and has started to evaluate the potential addition of electrified vehicles to its existing fleet of 685 trucks.

This fleet already utilises low-emission diesel trucks that meet the European Euro VI standards; however, the benefits of electric vehicles and the reduced impact they are believed to have on the environment warrant investigation. So, Ewals has recently conducted a real-world trial of the technology and identified that the UK and its northern trucking port, based close to Immingham and the Port of Humber, represented the ideal location.

For the trial, it selected Volvo Trucks, to see what its flagship product, the Volvo FM Electric, could offer.

Ewals Cargo Care considers electrified vehicles

It is one of five vehicles that have debuted in Volvo Truck’s electric vehicle solution range and its power and range make it well suited to pull the large mega trailers used as standard in its fleet, a trailer with a capacity of up to 11% more than a standard curtain side trailer.

Due to their regular charging requirement, the current best use case of electrified vehicles is in the short hauls between the key waypoints of a multimodal journey, i.e. a client’s premises, rail stations and seaports in the network, and the cargo’s ‘last mile’ to its destination.

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