Exol Lubricants unveils 5W-30 engine oil

Exol Lubricants unveils 5W-30 engine oil

Exol Lubricants has unveiled the new Optima C3 LSRN 5W-30 oil, a fully synthetic, low SAPS engine oil designed for modern Renault light commercial vehicles that require the RN17 specification.

The new oil, from the UK’s largest independently owned oil blender, has been formulated from fully synthetic base oils, shear stable polymers, and carefully balanced performance additives to prolong the life of after-treatment systems, including catalytic converters and petrol and diesel particulate filters.

While designed for modern Renault vehicles, the oil is also backwards compatible with previous Renault RN700 and RN710 specifications, making it suitable for service fill applications in older models too. Being part of the expanded Exol range of motor oils, the specification has been designed for turbocharged petrol direct (TGDI) engines and includes petrol particulate filter (GPF) protection and includes specific tests to ensure oxidation performance, piston cleanliness, and valve train wear performance.

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