Farizon Auto unveils drive-by-wire SuperVAN

Farizon Auto unveils drive-by-wire SuperVAN

It’s unlikely to be seen on these shores any time soon but Farizon Auto’s new SuperVAN, is claimed to be a groundbreaking vehicle built on GXA-M drive-by-wire intelligent architecture.

Its revolutionary design, claims the company, leverages drive-by-wire technology, transforming mechanical connections like braking and steering into signal interactions. With its modular framework, the vehicle’s body and chassis can be decoupled, allowing for free adjustments in wheelbase, front and rear suspensions, and the flexible combination of power, braking, suspension, and steering systems.

The SuperVAN incorporates integrated battery technology and focuses on green energy. It supports multiple power systems, including battery swapping and methanol range extenders, ensuring versatility in different scenarios. The use of flat, non-modular power batteries not only maximises cabin space but also enhances battery safety. Additionally, the vehicle can deliver a maximum of 10KW 220V AC power output, addressing outdoor power supply concerns.

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