febi details its brake disc range

febi details its brake disc range

Brake discs are indispensable parts of the braking system on trucks. febi goes into more detail on its available range.

For optimal braking performance and long service life, febi brake discs are precisely manufactured from high- quality casting materials. The friction rings thickness ensures high heat resistance in conjunction with low and even wear, providing road safety under all conditions.

Due to the thermal stress, internal ventilation ducts were designed for optimal cooling performance to prevent overheating and cracks. Precise manufacturing ensures no rubbing or vibrations, resulting in the safe operation and longevity of brake discs.


The brake discs are carefully protected on their way to the customer thanks to anti- corrosion oil and sturdy packaging. febi offers a wide range of more than 154 brake discs for all common trucks from the European commercial vehicle manufacturers.

febi brake pads are specially designed to meet high standards, and all febi brake pads are delivered with the necessary accessories. New brake pads normally need a being-in period, but this isn’t required with febi brake pads. Featuring the high friction bedding-in compound – also known as the tiger stripes – on the brake pads, the user has full braking power from the beginning.

To prove their quality, the company’s commercial vehicle brake discs are not tested just anywhere; they have been regularly used in truck racing for years. Professionals including the experienced racing driver Steffi Halm and the former European champion Gerd Körber rely on brake discs from febi.


Brake pads

Brake discs and pads are subject to very high mechanical and thermal loads (up to 800 ̊C) this impacts wear, together with environmental factors such as water, grit, and dirt from the roads. febi offers products with OE matching quality, with safety as a core focus. febi’s internal quality control tests ensure that its braking products can meet the increasing demands of the road whilst contributing to road safety.

All febi brake pads are finished using the so-called ‘scorching’ process after manufacture. This involves ‘baking’ the brake pads at high temperatures (approx. 700 ̊C). Any remaining non-cured binding material leftover from production is extracted this way. As a result, reduced bedding in or conditioning of the brakes –as it has been known in the past–are no longer necessary.


Advantages of febi brake pads:

  • Friction value comparable to OE brake pads
  • High material quality, compression, and shear strength
  • ECE R90 certified
  • Reduced bedding-in period, fully resilient after installation

Safety is paramount

With safety in focus, febi’s internal quality department ensures that brake components are tested for various requirements and loads. The company’s strategy is to go beyond just accepting a UN/ECE R90 approved product. Wear, performance, and service life are crucial aspects that febi looks at to meet its quality promise. To underline its high product quality standards, febi provides a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee for all of its replacement parts.

To see a complete overview of febi’s braking components, click here.

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