febi discusses the importance of king pins

febi discusses the importance of king pins

The steering behaviour of a vehicle can be adversely affected by numerous components of the chassis, including worn-out king pins and their bearings. febi discusses the importance of king pins and how the company prioritises safety.

King pin wear tends to make itself known in the form of stiff steering, noise during the turning of the steering wheel, or uneven tyre wear. Further signs typical of king pin faults are problems with directional stability and the need for frequent, corrective steering action.

Febi king pins
Figure 1- Only high-quality steel with the right material properties is used for febi king pins.

King pins play a supporting role. All steerable wheels of a commercial vehicle generally rotate about a king pin. The king pin attaches the stub axle to the wheel suspension and is, therefore, the only connection between the road and the axle. It forms the link between the sprung and unsprung masses of the vehicle.

Febi king pins 2
Figure 2- A modern machine park ensures a very precise production.

The permanent exposure of individual components – including bearings, sleeves, and the king pin – to dirt and spray, leads to corrosion and wear. This process is further accelerated by the consequences of poor maintenance (e.g. lubrication), bad road surfaces, or vehicle overloading.

Febi king pins 3
Figure 3- Mechanical processing of a king pin.

Whilst there are external factors that impact the king pin’s functionality and lifespan, febi goes above and beyond to create a durable, long-lasting king pin designed to withstand such conditions.

A portion of the articles from the febi range of 11,000 commercial vehicle replacement parts available are manufactured at the company’s own production facilities in Ennepetal, and these include king pins. The use of modern CNC machining guarantees the components’ quality, which are so vital to safety.

Febi king pins 4
Figure 4- Inductive hardening for long-lasting wear protection.

If replacement parts are not accurately manufactured, sharp edges may damage seals and allow water to penetrate into bearings. The correct inclination of the grease ducts for axle bushings is also essential to ensure the pivot points’ proper lubrication.

Figure 5- Grinding, followed by long-lasting corrosion protection.

Precise machining and the pin’s surface hardness are the characteristic quality-features of king pin sets from febi. febi’s commercial vehicle engineers are well aware that ‘a hard surface and perfect accuracy of fit ensures easier installation and smooth guidance of the pin. At the same time, it prevents shearing at the points of friction.’

Figure 6- The finished king pins.

King pins, bushings, and bearings are safety-relevant wear parts. Dimensional deviations, insufficient hardness depths, and unsuitable material quality can lead to steering failure and compromise the brakes’ effectiveness, among other things. This can have severe consequences, so febi provides a safe alternative. Thanks to the precise manufacturing, you can always rely on the quality of our king pins.

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