Febi highlights the importance of braking components

Febi highlights the importance of braking components

As one of the key aspects that ensure the safety of those both on and off the road, it’s difficult to underestimate the importance of braking components. Although an everyday staple of all vehicles, febi highlights that they also play an important role in the wilder side of the commercial vehicle industry: truck racing.

Brake discs and pads are subject to mechanical and thermal loads of up to 800°C in even the most mundane of circumstances. These thermal loads, along with environmental factors such as water, grit, and dirt from roads, significantly impact wear. To combat this, febi aims to offer products that match OE quality, with safety as a core focus. Internal quality control tests ensure that the components can meet the increasing demands of the road whilst contributing to road safety.

All febi brake pads are finished using the ‘scorching’ process after manufacture. This involves ‘baking’ the brake pads at high temperatures, approximately 700°C. Any remaining non-cured binding material left over from production is extracted this way. As a result, reduced bedding in and conditioning of the brakes is no longer necessary.

The ultimate endurance test

Manufactured for extreme as well as everyday use, febi ensures that brake disc performance is also tested under the harsher conditions of truck racing. Its discs have been regularly used in the sport for years – febi sponsors Team Schwabentruck, one of the team champions of the FAI Truck Racing Championship. The company’s range also includes s-cams, rollers, and brake shoe skeletons, and offers a long-lasting solution by providing parts that are consistent and provide longevity. All febi truck brake discs and pads are manufactured to OE specification, and are ECER90 approved.

A number of professionals, including the experienced racing driver, Steffi Halm, and the former European Champion, Gerd Körber, rely on brake discs from febi, and, seen from their accolades, use them to great success.

As such, febi offers braking solutions for a large range of commercial vehicle professionals, aiming to provide quality products at competitive pricing to suit all applications. The range offers a long-lasting first-time fit solution, covering all major European manufacturers and models of truck, trailers, buses, and agricultural vehicles.

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