Finger on the Pulse

Finger on the Pulse

Designed to simplify fleet operations, increase time on the road and reduce maintenance costs, Bridgestone has launched its three-in-one solution, FleetPulse. CVW reports.

Bridgestone announced the launch of FleetPulse, its three-in-one solution composed of a mobile app, a centralised website and tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) hardware at this year’s IAA in Hannover. With vehicle downtime still one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today, the system aims to improve transparency into vehicle health to significantly reduce the likelihood of unexpected, costly and potentially dangerous breakdowns. FleetPulse, which automates roadworthiness checks, will also help fleets to simplify their operations and reduce maintenance costs, says Bridgestone.

Shining a light

The digital revolution has changed how the world thinks about mobility and is paving the way for a new generation of solutions. Through advancements in sensor and connected technologies, businesses now have unseen insights into vehicle performance.

FleetPulse provides customers with these insights to help them understand what is happening with their fleets and simplify life on the road for drivers. With the designated FleetPulse Android app, drivers and technicians have an easy-to- use platform to complete roadworthiness checks for vehicles – replacing what is currently a manual process.

Then, through the centralised FleetPulse online portal, maintenance managers can access status updates for their entire fleet via the cloud, including defects and damage, as well as performance data. They can then make individual requests to drivers and technicians – including new checklists, service bookings, and even the removal of vehicles from the road – directly through notifications from the app.

The service also comes with TPMS hardware for the vehicle – consisting of Tyrematics sensors and a dongle. Connecting to the vehicle’s TPMS, FleetPulse automatically collects data on tyre pressure, before relaying the results back to drivers and managers through the app and online dashboard in real-time. This helps to ensure tyre pressure is optimised, which is essential given that that 30% of breakdowns are caused by low tyre pressure, 90% of tyre-related breakdowns are caused by slow leaks and 20% of commercial tyres on the road are significantly underinflated (all data gathered internally by Bridgestone).

Bridgestone calculates that a vehicle running at optimal tyre pressure can save, on average, up to €1,100 per year in fuel, tyre and breakdown costs, based on a typical tractor and trailer combination.

Paolo Ferrari, CEO and President of Bridgestone EMEA, commented on the announcement: “At Bridgestone, we’re dedicated to understanding and addressing the real, daily challenges that drivers and fleet managers face. Digitalisation gives us new and exciting ways to do precisely that, and I’m proud that Fleetpulse is our latest example. Our pioneering use of data and technology, alongside our leading investments in R&D and our relentless focus on the customer, mean we’re rapidly realising value from mobility solutions that deliver greater- than-ever efficiency, convenience and sustainability.”

Bridgestone Ecopia H002

Bridgestone has also announced the launch of its latest generation of fuel-efficient Ecopia tyres. Applying an innovative pattern concept and newly developed compound technology, the tyres are said to enable long haul fleets to reduce their total cost of ownership through greater efficiencies – with no compromise on mileage. In addition, they also achieve excellent wet-weather performance and offer year-round convenience through full compliance with European winter legislations, says the manufacturer.

Beyond just wet weather, the new Ecopia generation is fully winter ready, as the tyres have 3PMSF and M+S markings available in all positions throughout the vehicle. The tyres have also been certified by TÜV SÜD Tyre Test Mark for their quality and safety. This achievement applies to each individual tyre: steer, drive and trailer.

The launch began in September, with 315/70R22.5 steer/drive and 385/55R22.5 trailer, while four more products will be made available by the end of 2018. The full line-up, including the 60′′ series, will be completed in 2019 to cover all main long-haul sizes.

Paolo commented: “In an industry and world in rapid transformation, fleets are increasingly looking for efficiency, sustainability, safety and convenience. Co-created and tested over 14 million kilometres with key fleet customers across Europe, the new Ecopia H002 tyres will enable our customers to achieve all four goals by reducing operational costs, CO2 emissions and providing consistent performance all year round.”

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