Freeway showcases real-time compliance tracker

Freeway showcases real-time compliance tracker

Freeway Fleet Systems’ real-time compliance tracker allows operators to maintain tight control of compliance and standards of maintenance.

The system is said to protect drivers, passengers and other road users by reducing accidents and breakdowns caused by vehicle defects. It allows workshop managers to prioritise work, minimise disruption and, together with predictive maintenance modelling, reduce downtime and cut fleet maintenance costs.

The tracker uses live data from mobile devices and onboard sensors, processed together with existing defect and maintenance records to provide a complete oversight of the status of each vehicle. Critical defects and compliance issues are highlighted on colour-coded screens. By targeting the most urgent defect rectification requirements and any outstanding compliance issues, the system makes it easier for bus and coach operators to maintain full compliance and manage DVSA Earned Recognition requirements. Live data is pooled from apps used by drivers for their first-use safety checks and onboard systems. Integration has been completed with Stratio, a system that monitors and transmits fault alerts from vehicle sensors, and Wheely-Safe, a system for monitoring wheels, brakes and tyres.

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