Getting Your Fill
Getting Your Fill

Getting Your Fill

WEX Europe Services, the owner and supplier of the Esso Card and WEX Telematics, explains how fleet managers could benefit from using the e-route mobile app to locate suitable filling stations.

Refuelling is an inconvenience on any journey, but it’s every driver’s worst nightmare when they are in an unfamiliar location and can’t find a fuelling station nearby that can accommodate their vehicle. For fleet operators, this can result in unplanned downtime on journeys, not to mention further administrative and logistical issues if drivers have to refuel at stations that don’t accept the preferred fuel card.

With fewer and fewer sites where it is possible for HGVs to refuel, the ability to track pre-approved options can provide much-needed support. It would also leave managers safe in the knowledge that they are assured of the fuel quality and cost, regardless of the location.

Introducing e-route

Compatible on desktop devices and available as a mobile app on Apple and Android devices, e-route will pinpoint fuelling stations close to a driver’s location anywhere in Europe.

Users can also use the tool when planning a route, so there are a few options of where to refuel depending on what happens along the way. If a driver’s stuck somewhere that’s not familiar to them, they can use the e-route app to help them find a fuelling station with raised canopies and high speed pumps.

Businesses can make significant cost savings through reduced route deviation, which also means the customer is more likely to receive their delivery on time. With the ability to select a starting point and destination, e-route can highlight each fuel site on that designated plan and display real-time traffic congestion.

In addition, the fuel station finder allows users to filter results according to HGV access, 24-hour sites, stations that supply AdBlue and stations with amenities, such as car washing and convenience shops.

Combined effort

Esso Card and WEX Telematics customers get free access to e-route. Peter Dore, Commercial and Marketing Director, said: “e-route has proven to be a valuable tool for both drivers and fleet managers. More than 90,000 Esso Card customers can access the fuel station finder and continue to please their customers by ensuring they are not delayed after searching frantically for the nearest fuel station.

“The map is regularly updated with new sites, meaning users can be confident of an accurate reading, so we encourage all customers to take advantage of this complementary service that WEX Europe Services offers to Esso Card customers.”

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