Going Ultrasonic

Going Ultrasonic

In order to prevent air leakages, Wabco has recently launched its Ultrasonic Leakage finder. CVW gets the low down.

The Wabco Ultrasonic Leakage Finder is described as a convenient workshop tool to detect air leakages, which is designed to save workshops time and prevent potential customer claims. The device indicates the presence and size of a leak using both audible and visual signals. The leakage detector is sold in two versions: Basic and Advanced.

The device can be used for:

  • Slow puncture detection without removing wheels
  • Air brake system inspections (after repairs and as standard check-up)
  • Parking sensor inspections
  • Spotting leakages in the trailer refrigeration system
  • Air conditioning system leak detection
  • Leak detection in glass and body sealing (Advanced case only)
  • Leak detection in the cabin and luggage compartment (Advanced case only)

How it works

􏰀 Unpack the case, connect the headphones and microphone to the leak detector

􏰂 Check for slow punctures without removing wheels

􏰄 Check air brake systems after repairs

􏰁 Inspect ultrasonic parking sensors

􏰃 Identify problems in air conditioning system seals


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