Gunson unveils dent puller kit

Gunson unveils dent puller kit

The new Gunson dent puller kit (part number 77175) is said to save time and money by fixing minor dents without the hassle of costly repairs.

Used for small, soft dents, the easy-to-use kit can help restore vehicle exteriors without causing any damage to paintwork. It is a gluepulling dent repair system, where a pulling pad is hot-glued to the dent. The dent pulling bridge then enables the glue pad to be slowly pulled up by turning the wing-nuts. This mechanism allows slow and precise lifting of dents.

Included in the kit is a hot-glue gun and a plastic pencil punch. The punch is used to knock down any high spots, ensuring a smooth finish. The kit also includes two glue sticks and a bottle of glue release agent.

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