GYS offers protection from welding fumes

GYS offers protection from welding fumes

To help keep staff safe from the risks of welding fumes, GYS has introduced two solutions.

These are:

  • The Gysmatic 5/13 Air Truecolour XXL, an air-fed welding helmet
  • A range of fume extraction systems, including the EVO 2.1 RE

The helmet features a 100mm x 83mm, XXL Truecolour lens. The three-speed motor supplies purified air into the helmet at a speed of up to 220 litres per minute. The helmet comes equipped with a shoulder harness, battery pack, charger, and spare filters.

The EVO 2.1 RE fume extraction unit extracts and purifies air at the rate of 1200 cubic metres per hour. The mobile unit has a three-metre arm, which can be placed over the welding area.

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