Hella discusses its mega macs range for LCVs

Hella discusses its mega macs range for LCVs

With cyber security management implemented into its diagnostic software, and the vision to allow technicians to utilise the most suitable hardware, Neil Hilton, Head of Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS) UK, discusses the company’s mega macs range for LCVs.

Behind the terms ‘Security Gateway’, ‘Certificate Based Automotive Security’, ‘Protection of Vehicle Diagnostics’, ‘Central Gateway’, and ‘CAN Gateway’, are systems designed to protect modern vehicles against unauthorised access and manipulation of their data.

This may be beneficial to security, but it involves considerable effort for independent workshops working across multiple brands because only authentication in the respective vehicle manufacturer’s (VM) portal and the installation of activation software and the acquisition of digital authorisations in the form of certificates, tokens or keys, can clear the way to the vehicle’s electronic control units.

However, in order that independent workshops can continue to compete effectively against the VM’s dealer networks, HGS has implemented a universal key for legally unlocking secured light commercial vehicles (LCV) in the software of the company’s mega macs diagnostic tools, with the new Cyber Security Management (CSM) function.

This means that instead of having to register individually with each VM portal to obtain diagnostic releases for their customer’s LCVs, and subjecting themselves to extensive checks and potentially significant extra costs, a onetime authentication, activated by proof of identification by passport or identity card, is all that’s needed for a mega macs user to have a clear path to work on all vehicles with a security lock, at the usual diagnostic depth.

Hella mega macs

The mega macs user is also spared the need to load and install manufacturer-specific decryption software on a notebook or PC, because HGS has implemented all the necessary modules for the exchange of vehicle-related security certificates with the VM’s relevant servers and backends, in the mega macs software.

The CSM is available for mega macs devices from the update to software version 60 and will grow its coverage of the VM’s secured models automatically. The first integrated brands included FCA and Mercedes-Benz, followed by VW and Kia, with Hyundai, Nissan and Renault after that. However, some of the security requirements of other VMs are still in the development phase, which is why resolution of the CSM issue is an ongoing process.

In the palm of your hand

The increasing everyday use of smartphones is also reflected in the growing popularity of tablets in modern workshops, as the sale of Android devices in particular is booming because they are fast, affordable, and – due to the multitude of apps available – versatile. As a result, HGS introduced the mega macs ONE, which transforms a tablet with Android 6.0 or higher and minimum seven-inch screen into a fully-fledged diagnostic tool.

The introduction of mega macs ONE is particularly important as it allows workshops to access premium level LCV diagnostic capability at budget prices. By combining the best of HGS know-how with competitively-priced, off-the-shelf Android technology, HGS has adapted these multifunctional devices into high calibre diagnostic tools.

Hella mega macs

It is, therefore, the perfect stepping stone to help workshops improve their diagnostic ability and subsequently service a wider range of vehicles, so increasing their overall profitability.

After concluding the licence agreement for the mega macs ONE app, technicians will receive the Bluetooth VCI (vehicle communication interface), which it uses to communicate with the vehicle and, once the software has been installed on the tablet, they can use it for an unlimited period of time.

All the basic diagnostic functions available on the mega macs ONE are equivalent to those provided by our other mega macs tools. These range from displaying the OBD (on-board diagnostic) socket location in the vehicle, to reading/deleting trouble codes, Global scan, resetting service indicators, parameter depictions (up to 16 at the same time), basic settings and adaptions, coding and actuator tests, and ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) calibration software, as well as the CSM feature mentioned earlier. The diagnostic results can also be printed out or emailed to customers as a PDF document.

The mega macs ONE option also comes with other helpful customisation features, such as landscape and portrait screen mode, and the ability to alter the recording duration of measured parameter values. Another hugely practical benefit worth highlighting is that it will sound a warning when the user is leaving the VCI wireless range, which avoids unnecessary interruption of the diagnostic process and accidental loss of the VCI.

As is the case with all the company’s conventional mega macs diagnostic tools, technicians also have the benefits of regular updates, but this is made even easier with mega macs ONE, as these are automatic with a valid license and, therefore, do not need user intervention.

Finally, should the Android device be dropped or damaged and need to be replaced, all the data and the service history and action records remain safe as they as stored in the cloud. This means that once a new device has been purchased and the app downloaded, all the information will appear and the process flawlessly recommence.

The mega macs ONE is a great way for workshops to introduce premium level diagnostics at an affordable price, backed up with an unrivalled support package provided by HGS’s technical call centre, which is able to give expert advice to users experiencing difficulty.

For more information on the mega macs ONE system, click here.

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