Hella explores filter maintenance

Hella explores filter maintenance

Helen Goldingay, Senior Head of Marketing & Communications at Hella, explores the importance of not overlooking filter maintenance and how each filter acts differently.

Filters are an essential component for the reliable running of any commercial vehicle (CV) fleet because, without effective filtration, many issues can surface that could reduce vehicle performance and threaten costly downtime.

In addition, the wellbeing of the driver is another important priority for reputable operators. Therefore, all the vehicle’s filters need to be assessed regularly and replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s service schedule.

Oil filters

In order to maintain the increasingly stringent emissions levels set by legislation, engines need to perform extremely efficiently and, therefore, to minimise friction, require a considerable quantity of oil to be pumped around the system every minute.

The oil must also be in good condition and as clean as possible, which is where the oil filter does its work and, in the process, contributes to minimising emissions and optimising fuel efficiency.

Using the oil filter for the 10.8-litre MX- 11 Euro VI engines used in DAF’s CF and XF series applications, a Hengst original equipment (OE) fitment, for example, provides effective filtration through the use of the company’s Energetic filter insert concept, which is at the cutting edge of filter design.

Thanks to a combination of the company’s filtration technology and the use of durable components in the design and manufacture of the housing, the module, with the oil filter at its core, is particularly environmentally sustainable and resource-saving, as only the filter element itself needs to be replaced when the engine undergoes an oil change at its scheduled service interval.

Fuel filter

The fuel filter primarily removes dirt and rust particles, preventing them from entering into the injection system, but also separates water to prevent corrosion and damage. Failure to replace the fuel filter could cause the injection system to block, subsequently affecting the engine’s reliability.

As a result of the high-quality machining process they undergo, Hengst fuel filters can withstand pressure peaks of up to 15 bar, allowing for longer replacement intervals and maximum performance.

Hella filter

Air filter

Air filters remove particles from the engine’s air intake system, therefore, helping to maintain the performance of the engine and reduce premature wear. Although the precise total depends on the capacity, heavy-duty engines draw in thousands of litres of air a minute, which needs to be clear of foreign objects to maintain the correct air/fuel mixture and maximise fuel and emissions efficiencies.

They should, therefore, be changed according to the vehicle manufacturer’s service schedule and again, Hengst air filters provide the ideal solution and naturally feature flame-retardant filter media that also maximises filter stability.

Cabin filter

The purpose of the cabin filter is to keep dust, dirt, and allergens from entering the cabin. Some also feature an activated carbon layer, which works similarly to a sponge and binds harmful gases within the pores, restraining the particles.

Particularly with the increasing use of air conditioning systems, it is highly recommended that the cabin filter is replaced at least once a year, or twice, if the vehicle is driven extensively.

New filters also minimise exposure to odours and prevent the formation of dirt and condensation on the windscreen. However, when they begin to underperform, problems begin to arise as the flow of air and their effectiveness against pollutants is reduced.

Sadly, cabin filters are still often overlooked during the service process, but the potential risks of not changing cabin filters should not be understated, because in addition to reduced performance and visibility, health and wellbeing issues can arise, as well as problems with the efficient operation of the air-conditioning system.

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