HELLA launches full LED high beam headlamps

HELLA launches full LED high beam headlamps

HELLA recently launched full LED high beam headlamps for commercial vehicles. Here, the company advises on how it benefits the user and important regulations to be aware of.

The demands on commercial vehicle lighting are high, particularly when it comes to ensuring road safety and the best visibility in every situation. To provide a premium solution, particularly with winter on its way, HELLA, the lighting and electronics expert, has launched the Jumbo series of LED auxiliary headlamps.

The Jumbo LED auxiliary high beam headlamp combines function and design into one product. When switched on, the light signature, with its high recognition value, presents a characteristic lighting design during both the day and at night. This is ensured by the EdgeLight technology that HELLA has transferred from its development in the automotive sector. The light signature and the striking design trim in the top part of the full LED auxiliary headlamp were inspired by the design of the round Luminator LED auxiliary headlamp, which HELLA launched in 2019.

Another advantage of this LED series is the light colour which is similar to daylight. It creates fatigue-free driving and the instantaneous high beam light signal enables the use of a superb headlamp flasher function. In addition, it features an impact-resistant, lightweight plastic housing made of thermoplastic and offers high energy efficiency, with low power consumption. Thanks to its multi-voltage function, the Jumbo LED is suitable for 12- and 24-volt applications and is available in two mounted versions, either for upright or pendant installation.

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Naturally, lights periodically need to be replaced and, as they are critical safety components, CV operators need to be aware that any replacement must comply with the certificated regulations for that specific application. The Jumbo LED is tested according to the new ECE regulations (ECE R149 high beam, ECE R148 position light, ECE R10 EMC). The auxiliary high beam headlamp is supplied in the illumination variant ECE Ref. 25 and is ideal for mounting on a roof bracket.

When it comes to driving lights, operators should always fit quality replacement headlight lenses that bear the correct ‘E’ marking. This ensures that the lenses have been tested and approved by a photometric laboratory and have met the standards of the European Commission. In addition, even when quality lighting is fitted, it must be checked to make sure it is correctly adjusted. This ensures that it not only delivers the right spread of light to effectively illuminate the road ahead for the driver, but also does not dazzle oncoming vehicles.

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HELLA’s ELIVER app is a valuable interactive tool for operators which offers access to a great deal of product information online, as well as to download. It also gives the option to directly compare various HELLA auxiliary headlamps and work lights, whilst viewing in realistic 3D environments.

HELLA’s comprehensive CV lighting range includes headlights, side markers, outline markers, daytime running lights, stop, reversing, tail and fog lights and direction indicators.

For more information on HELLA’s ELIVER app, click here.

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